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Different Kinds of Photography That May Fascinate You

People have different kinds of hobbies, with photography being among the most common. There are many kinds of photography, hence different types of photographers. It is important to be aware of the different kinds of photography and genres that exist today. On one hand, it is quite relieving to know that you never miss out on amazing pictures from photographers that capture different subjects from what you do. However, what is more important is the inspiration you will draw from a wide range of photographic styles and types, to try them out yourself. While we may not be able to cover every genre in existence, we will look at some of the most important.

Environmental or scenic photography can also be referred to as landscape photography. It involves capturing natural scenes, usually enormous and grand, but sometimes small and intimate, in a manner that brings viewers into the captured scene. Landscape photography happens to be among the most popular kinds at the moment, spinning off different sub genres such as seascapes and storm photography. On a broader definition, landscape photography also includes man-made scenes and urban landscape photography. While landscape photography is very accessible today, it does not imply in any way that it is easy to master.

Wildlife photography has the potential to bring out among the most intense photographers you will ever encounter. Wildlife photographers spend lots of hours waiting for animals to capture the perfect shot or even searching for creatures most people would rather avoid. However, this kind of photography can be practiced virtually anywhere, because animals can be found almost everywhere. Time and again, it is quite common to find photo series of urban wildlife that matches up against some of the best photos captured in remote locations.

One kind of photography very accessible to most people is macro, which entails capturing small objects and creatures that are ordinarily overlooked. Flowers and insects are quite synonymous with macro photography however, even objects such as water droplets or snowflakes in studios can make for stellar macro photos. A style of photography related to macro is “close up” photography, which although not as magnified as macro work, still tends to isolate small slices of the world which would ordinarily not stand out. Although dedicated macro lenses can be quite costly, a more affordable option is buying a set of extension tubes, which will work just fine with the equipment you have currently. Photographers who only take pictures while travelling are recommended to practice macro photography.

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