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Examples of the Most Costly Motor Bikes on the Road

There are several models of motorcycle which you will come across when you wish to make a purchase. This article has highlighted the most expensive motorcycles that you will find in case you will be shopping without a financial limitation.

On the top of the list of the most lavish motorcycles is the ecosse moto works founders edition titanium xx. Most of the common brands which we are conversant with are not the ones which have the most expensive motorcycles as you may have thought. Carbon fiber wheels and bodyworks together with a chassis made of hand brushed titanium are some of what The ecosse moto works founders edition titanium xx is made up of. In addition, the bike has custom head pipes and mufflers which are made of titanium. The motorbike produce a torque of 200 horsepower and it costs $300000.

The Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayebusa follows as the second on the list of the most costly motorcycles. 200 mph is the speed at which this motorbike moves at and this is the fastest in existence. This bike was designed to be very light so as to influence its fast speed. Since this motorbike has a body which is made out of carbon fibers, it is very expensive as well. In purchasing this motorbike, you will have to incur $200000 or even more than that.

Thirdly comes the Honda RC213V-S on this list. The style in which this bike is made and that go the motor GP id made is similar and it’s for the racing purpose. In the purchase of this model of motorbike, you will have to spend $184000. While you will be buying it from the Honda company, you will be given a durable sports kit along it. So as to make this bike the best street legal motorcycle, most of the parts were customized and s was incorporated on it.

On the list of the most expensive motorbikes is the MTY Y2K turbine superbike in the fourth place. This motorbike is rated as the most powerful motorcycle in existence with 420 horsepower that is nearly double the power of the ecosse moto works founders edition titanium xx. You will have to make an order of this motorcycle so as to get it as it’s the only way you will be able to find it check with Mayco international for more details. Its speed is relatively high hence it can be used for racing. To order for this motorbike, you will have to spend $184000.

The Icon Sheene is the fifth most expensive motorcycle. The achievements of a notable motorcyclist is the reason as to why this motorcycle was built as a way of paying tribute. $172000n is the cost of this motorcycle offered together with its helmet of which a limited number of them are produced.

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