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The Best Trends for Summer 2019

Check out the latest trends for summer of 2019.

Bike shorts are pegged as one of summer’s most popular trends, and this athleisure trend will definitely be making the rounds all season. As a way to make this fad feel a bit fresher, everyone from gym-goers to influencers has been seen wearing their bike shorts with a matching top of some kind. No matter if this matching top is a bra, tank, or short-sleeved crop top, it is undeniable that this new set will be the new go-to all throughout this summer.

We’ve scoured the streets and shopped the trending accessories at our favorite shop to bring you the oval sunshine shades. This very becoming pair of sunglasses will not only shield your eyes from the risky UV rays and distracting glare, it also enables you to emphasize your individual facial features. Try them out with a neutral, relaxed outfit or even business casual outfit to spark some excitement and turn heads.

Boiler suits were a favorite of many designers on the summer 2019 catwalks. Seen on the likes of Bella Hadid and Victoria Beckham, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular: fashion’s take on the boiler suit is as hard-working as the style it’s reflecting. It’s not the same as a jumpsuit, they share many features, but it’s looser and comes in more long-wearing fabrics. Simple and environmentally friendly, they help women realize the power of dressing up for themselves.

Animal print is remarkable, particularly with all the spots and stripes, it’s really a neutral, meaning you can wear it with anything. They’re adventurous, elegant and immediate style-makers. Animal prints might be very popular this season, but they’re also a classic fashion staple at their very essence. Animal print, nonetheless, does not imply animal skin. It only means a fabric that’s been printed, painted, or embroidered to reflect the cool textures and patterns you see in nature.

Statement sneakers feel as good as your favorite athletic shoes without resembling a running shoe so you won’t look like you just left the gym. Photographed on the feet of everyone, from models and celebrities to bloggers and designers, sneakers are the definitely very popular at the moment. Great for every occasion, sneakers represent a step in the right direction of gender neutral dressing.

Cargo pants are trousers with pockets big enough to carry your iPhone. Obviously, this isn’t the first time cargo pants have made their mark in fashion but it has been quite a while since they made the rounds. Wear them with a plain T-shirt or a sophisticated sequin vest.

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