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Ways on How to Make Money as an Author

Storytelling has been an integral part of human civilization. stories have been passed down from generation to another. Marketing and advertising originated from the storytelling concept. And if you love telling stories, you can consider being a full-time author. But, where do you begin? The cliche of the poverty-stricken author isn’t excessively withdrawn from the real world. Becoming an active author is a minefield of unengaged distributers, basic notes from editors, severe due dates, and a perpetual crowd of competition. However, despite the numerous challenges, making it in the writing industry is practical than you might think. You don’t need to sell your spirit to make it in the writing industry as an author. This article explains some of the ways an individual can use to have a successful career in writing.

The primary technique you can use to make it in the writing business as an author is to start with a blog. Writing a book is a vast undertaking. The conventional novel is about eighty thousand words. Even if you have the entire book in mind, it will take you thirty-four hours of continuous typing to compete writing the book. You need to consider if you are prepared to spend thirty hours of your life typing,. Many authors would not prefer to type thirty-four hours constantly. There is more to writing than just typing, and you also need time to edit and correct the work. After you have finished writing who are you going to sell the novels too? As an author creating your reader base from scratch requires a lot of hard work. One of the best ways an individual can create a readership base is by starting with a blog. Having a blog can be a good way of making money when you are an amateur author. Blog posts are usually short and straightforward making it easy to read and write. Many people would want to read a single blog post than reading the entire novel. After you have created your market, you can use the blog to sell your books. Truth be told, numerous prominent web journals have prompted book bargains easily.

The second strategy you can use to have a successful career in writing is by going digital. Long gone are the days when you expected to persuade a distributor to print your book to sell it. However since the establishment of the digital age, ebooks have immensely popular. Despite slacking sales of e-readers, and marketing children’s books numerous individuals are as still reading digital books on their tablet or cell phone.

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