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How to get the Best Sun print

Everyone will always want to get the best sun print results, maybe after doing it or letting another person do it for him or her. We are all advised to do this, and thus it is the only way to be focused and committed so as to get the best sun print out of your work. Before trying to make a sun print, try to understand the whole process and know how it works, and thus you will be in the position to do it perfectly well without making any mistake in between which might result in you to getting something different from what you were expecting and thus you will end up getting disappointed over your own work. Always be ready to be keen and careful and try following all the instructions required in the whole process and follow the procedure well so as to avoid making mistakes later on. One needs to understand what is going on when she or he places it in the sunlight and later on in the water. She or he should be in the position to identify the difference and exactly know what is happening from the first step to the last step of the exercise and at the same time try to know why all that is happening. We all need to be very ready and committed so as to get the best results as required. There are steps that we are supposed to follow so as to make something that is perfect and will not disappoint ion the way. They are the ones that are explained below.

Making sun prints is one of the easiest exercises ever and hence should not put you through a lot of fear. First, make sure you have all the equipment required in this exercise and be very sure that you have all of them from a sun print paper to cardboard. When you are sure that you have all these and you are very ready to begin just arrange your objects on a sun print paper where they can all reach the sun. Make sure that light from the sun does not reach the paper, but only the objects on the sun print paper get direct sunlight. When you are sure that all these are done perfectly, one should be ready to get one of the best sun prints because the procedure alone counts a lot in what is being made by the person.

After you have done all that, place the acrylic pressing sheet on top of the objects that you have placed on the sun print paper so as to ensure that they are all flattened in a uniform manner, one is supposed to do this so as to avoid sunlight rays making their way through the edges, and this might lead to not getting a good sun print has expected. After doing all these, one should be ready to rinse the sun print paper in water so as to watch the blue color turn into white, and the white color turns into blue.

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