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Treating Cancer With Alternatives

Cancer is a disease that will never consider the patient’s future nor family – it leaves nothing for the person whom it victimizes. And as much as we would want to have the assurance that there is actually a cure for cancer being developed that will become available to every suffering cancer patient in the world, the truth is that there are no actual details of such a breakthrough yet.

When a patient has been told that they have cancer, the first thing that will come to mind is to undergo chemotherapy as our minds have been conditioned to see it as the ultimate cure for cancer as of now, but the truth is that it is not exactly what we have seen it be. But do not panic nor lose hope already, as chemotherapy can actually help treat cancer by preventing abnormal cell growth and even getting cancer to remission. However, the effect of chemotherapy will differ depending on the kind and stage of cancer.

Chemotherapy is often advised to be combined with surgically removing the affected organ, a portion of it, or a part of the body for the prevention of spreading cancer to other parts of the body, and this method has worked for a lot of people already. But one must take into mind that there are malignant tumors that are simply inoperable, chemo may not always give the expected results, there are numerous possible side effects, and even the financial burden of the entire process. It is in situations like this that we have to give thought to options we did not even consider before, to think of alternative treatments that may greatly help in healing our loved ones such as these:

The first one that you may want to learn more details about is acupuncture. Acupuncture can alleviate pain in people suffering from cancer as well as rid them of nausea, but you must make sure that the patient does not have a blood thinning condition.

This next one is something you may not have heard of yet, but it is Ayahuasca, a South American vine that finds its locations in the Amazon rainforest. Donald M. Topping, PhD has researched about the said plant and found out that it can be used for the effective treatment of colon cancer. For further details, visit this website.

The last one on this list is Ayurveda – a form of medicine that has been used since ancient times in India and depends on herbal extracts to create the natural medicine being used. A lot of details go into how ayurvedic medicine can help treat cancer, but the short way of saying it is that it reduces the pain and other effects of chemo and the symptoms of cancer.

Those are some of the alternative treatments that may complement your primary chemotherapy, and for more details on each one, click this link.

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