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Types of Treatments for Mental Health and Drug Addiction Problems that Rehabs Offer

Mental health problems are caused by a variety of psychological, physical, social and environmental factors. Psychological factors like traumatic childhood experiences make one develop negative feelings like fear, helplessness, anger, guilt and unhealthy behaviors like suicide, self-harm and drug abuse. Factors like genetics, head injuries, diseases, and early development of babies when the mother is pregnant, and after delivery, nutritional deficiencies head injuries and so on are physical because they affect the body’s biology and cause mental health problems. Social and environmental causes are things that happen daily around the person like family and friendship relationships, work and home environment that can affect the mind and emotions of a person. One whose mental health is affected needs assistance from mental health and drug addiction rehab. A mental health and drug addiction rehab will give you the following treatments.

There are dual diagnosis treatment services if drug addiction is the cause of your mental disorders. They treat your mental health and drug addiction simultaneously. To maximize long term full recovery. There services include monitoring your recovery closely, ensuring that you stabilize consistently, administering proper medication and nutrition, and taking care of emergencies 24/7. They use medications like antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics in the treatment.

The rehab will assign a therapist to you who you will be meeting privately for individual therapy treatment. The therapy enables you to recover from the traumatic emotions that you have due to unresolved issues in your life. The therapist will help you to identify beliefs and values that you can subscribe to boost your mental recovery. The patient needs this therapy to enable them to identify boundaries for healthy relationships. The therapy will enhance your communication skills because the therapist expects you, to be honest, good listener, confidence, respect, courtesy and more to help you build better relationships with other people.

They offer group talks where a therapist guides the discussions but not necessarily chairing the meetings. Individual therapy costs more than group therapy hence you can choose group therapy to save money. Support groups allow you to socialize and make friends who can help you to change some behaviors in you that make you not to relate well with people. You will get encouraged to change because of the support you get from people who do not judge you. The therapy helps you to learn from the experiences of others and apply the methods they are using to solve issues that you are also experiencing. The story of your life will motivate others too.

Family therapy is important because a family is important to a patient and their support will improve the recovery of the person. This therapy allows the person to open up to their family without fear of judgment or criticism because the family may have contributed to their mental health problem. Debts, loss of a family member, emotional and sexual child abuse, divorce, domestic violence and more are among the common family issues that have made people suffer mentally. A licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT) is the one who provides family therapy. Issues that affect siblings, couples and parent-child relationship are solved by this therapy.

They will offer you group, family or individual cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). There are support groups in CBT therapy where one can share their emotional challenges, which is necessary for one to heal. The therapy will work on improving your self-esteem.

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