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Contrasts Between PPO Vs POS Insurance Plans

Studies state that many people do not have any type of health insurance. POS and PPO are the most common health insurance plans that an individual need to be aware of. Choosing the right plan is possible if an individual factors in the following information.

Firstly is the Preferred Provider Organization that is famous. This plan consists of healthcare practitioners is a certain area that give healthcare services to patients. Because PPO plans have discounted prices, then the total cost of the services are low. One is needed to pay when they are given the healthcare services and the other costs will be catered for by the insurance company. It is important for one to know that it is possible that they get healthcare services from a provider that is outside the network, however, the bill paid will not be high.

The benefit of PPO is that, there is so much flexibility given that an individual has no worry of selecting a primary physician or to get a referral in order to see a specialist. It is also possible for one to get services from a provider that is not within the network. With PPO plan, an individual is sure of saving time and that they won’t indulge in so much paperwork. Apart from being pricey, if an individual settles for a provider out of the network, it is sure that the prices go up faster.

Secondly is the POS plan. One has to select a primary care provider that they will go to in all the issues that they have and if they need to see another specialist they will need a referral from him or her. Just like PPO, an individual has the option of getting healthcare service from an outside provider but at a high cost.

An advantage of PPO plan is that it is not costly. If one has no worry of choosing a primary physician, then this plan is the most suitable. This plan is however not flexible.

There are other options for one who does not find the two types of health insurance plans appealing. There is the Health Maintenance Organization which needs one to choose their primary care provider and is considered to be same with the POS. In the event that an individual chooses another provider, then spending a lot of cash is inevitable. There is also a short term option which is known as the Short-term Health Insurance that an individual wants to a short period. There is also the high-deductible Health Plan which need an individual to pay a certain amount of cash for the insurance to cover for the costs of a claim.

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