Choose The Dental Clinic Carefully

It is always a bad situation to lose a tooth. But, sometimes there is no way to avoid it. Then, when it is time to eat, that blank spot makes chewing difficult or even painful. The person may avoid certain foods because of missing teeth. Now there is help for people with missing teeth. Teeth implants can be a permanent solution to tooth loss. Implanted teeth do not need to be removed at night. People can even get implants for multiple teeth.

General Dental Health

When choosing a dental clinic, make sure the clinic meets all of the upcoming family dental needs. Every family member needs to get yearly or more dental exams. When dental problems are found, they need to be promptly treated. Children and even adults may have misaligned or crooked teeth that can be straightened. Cavities must be filled and gum disease must be treated and cured. Stained teeth with tarter build up must be cleaned to help them last longer.

When the basic dental needs are met, cosmetic dentistry might be an option. Replacing missing teeth with teeth implants requires a mouth that has had all regular dental needs met. The jaw bone must be healthy enough to hold the implant and the gums must be healthy as well.

Why Do People Lose Teeth?

1. Untreated tooth decay

2. The failure of a root canal

3. Gum diseases can cause tooth loss if left untreated.

4. Injury causing trauma to the mouth and teeth.

5. Congenital defects are hard to overcome and may result in losing teeth.

6. Excessive wear and tear on teeth for many reasons.

Failing to get a dental exam regularly can allow a minor problem to get worse and threaten teeth. When caught in the early stages, many teeth and gum problems can be treated effectively to save teeth. When an injury occurs and a tooth is knocked out, saving the tooth and getting to the dental clinic ASAP can allow the dentist to reinsert the tooth and save it.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a relatively new option to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth. The advantage of implants is that they are permanent. The worst disadvantage is the relatively high cost. Check with the dental health insurance company for coverage. Consult the Family Dentistry and Implant Center for additional information.

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