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Discover the Different Types of Methamphetamine Commonly Used Today

There is rampant misuse of methamphetamine, a very common drug whose short form is meth. Even though meth abuse is on the increase spreading like wildfire, the relevant authorities seem to be more focused on opioid rather than on methamphetamine. The figures would surprise you that meth abuse numbers are the highest ever recorded in history as compared to figures of any other type of drug abuse. Of course, many people who have realized how serious of a drug it is have benefited from addiction treatment services. Even so, meth overdose still contributes a lot in the many fatal overdose cases reported day in day out. As is with any other illegal substance abuses, continuous reliance on meth leads to a weak immune system which ultimately leads to being fully reliant and depended on the drug. Do you know the types of methamphetamine drug available in the illegal drug market today?

To get you started, you have to understand that meth is one of those powerful drugs that change the normal brain function. Well, well, this can lead to the conclusion that nearly 80{b13f3c820f9493c5a3b00cef02795f568271ca2661810cb5bbfa9378faacbfbf} of the withdrawal symptoms would be associated with their effect on the human brain. Another thing you need to know about meth is that it will accelerate your normal bodily functions thus leading to irritability, insomnia, hallucinations, aggressiveness, paranoia to mention but a few. Knowing more about meth will help you get the right treatment for your addiction and hopefully make the withdrawal signs less severe.

The first type of methamphetamine is known as crystal meth which is a highly purified form of methamphetamine hence the name crystal. It is a colorless, odorless drug that creates a euphoric rush when snorted, swallowed, injected or smoked in a pipe. Continuous usage of crystal meth leads to psychological issues affecting the nervous system since it increases dopamine in the brain. Continuous usage of crystal meth leads to impaired motor skills and verbal problems among other signs you will discover when you read this blog. Second in line is the glass meth which is quite different from crystal meth. Glass happens to be the purest form of meth in the market, no wonder it has a longer high effect, sometimes going up to 24 hours. But then again, the high effect is what contributes to paranoia, teeth grinding, psychosis, malnutrition, and hallucinations. Speed is poorly cut, very cheap compared to glass and crystal and of course, it is less pure.

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