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Guy Fawkes Mask Invention and Its Revolution

It was the time when Queen Elizabeth was a ruler that Guy Fawkes was alive. When you became against the government you were supposed to be killed. When you were caught you were to be slaughtered and even hanged. For Guy Fawkes to avoid such a punishment, he climbed on top of a ladder and threw himself down, broke his neck and died. Read more below to understand where Guy Fawkes mask came from and its progress.

When Queen Elizabeth 1 was in the throne, she beheaded many priests because did not like anyone who practised being a Catholic. When King James took over, he followed the steps of the queen. Catholics were not happy including Guy Fawkes. It was then that he and other Catholics decided to blow up the house of the parliament with gunpowder.

Many of the Guy Fawkes years were used in battles. The act that King James was doing to the Catholics was not making Guy Fawkes happy. Therefore, he decided to ask the king of Spain to start an English rebellion. This was to be done against King James. This is what made Guy Fawkes make gunpowder.

Below the lord’s houses. They would put the gun powder in the cellars. Guy Fawkes chose a day that there would be an opening session of the parliament. This was to be a good day since the king and his eldest son were to be available. Their plan did not succeed since someone sent a letter to the authorities and it was about the gunpowder. It was then that Guy Fawkes was found guilty since he was found in the basement with matches. It was on this day, November 5th that people would wear the mask that had Guy Fawkes face and pretend to be him killing the king. On this day they called him a traitor and not a hero.

In England, one could see many camps set all over. It was in this camps that there came a prisoner called V. He was made a prisoner because scientists used to do experiments with him. The lucky day of V came, and he was free, and therefore he decided to set the camp on fire. It was then that V concluded that he would revenge on those who made him a prisoner. When he was doing his vengeance he would use the Guy Fawkes mask so that he can be motivated. Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was similar to wearing a human right shirt.

V met a girl called Evey and the joined hands to fight the evil political parties. When people saw the Guy Fawkes mask, they could have hope, and now it was said that Guy Fawkes was their hero.

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