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The Benefits of Laser Engraving

There are various ways that one can use in engraving materials. However, laser engraving has developed into the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable process in the marketplace today. Capable of delivering the best results with higher quality than most other methods used traditionally, it is surprising that it is quickly becoming a staple part of most industries throughout the globe. There are different places where laser engraving is used like in sectors such as the medical, electronic, automotive and aerospace. But, so that you understand the reason why laser engraving has many uses, check out the details regarding its advantages provided by the process to its users below. Various kinds of laser can be used in the laser engraving process, and in this write-up, we will look at the general benefits of the process.

Non-Contact Process

One of the significant benefits of using laser engraving is that it is a non-contact procedure. What this means is that the laser beams do not physically touch the material it is being applied to; it relies on heat to offer the desired outcome. This is a massive benefit over the traditional methods since it removed the abrasion damage that was left on most of the materials traditionally. Instead, the sole portion that is targeted y laser is vaporized while the surrounding area is not touched at all. Also, it reduces the costs since there are no perishable parts that will wear out; thus, there will be no productivity losses or machine downtime to deal with.

It Can Work At Different Ranges Of Depth

Unlike laser marking, the process that is similar to laser engraving. The goal is removing a portion of the material that is being worked on. As laser systems, fibre lasers mainly, provide lots of control; different depth ranges can be achieved to suit all users’ needs.

Can Be Used On Different Materials

Another great benefit of laser engraving is that it can be used on various materials, including glass, plastic, metal and ceramic. This is important since most industries employ more than a single material in the manufacturing process. Having a process that can work with more than one material is a very cost-effective solution to go for.

Each material has its unique properties. For example, some of the metals like aluminium and brass can be hard to work with due to their reflective nature. There are laser systems that struggle to overcome the issue of the beam being reflected to the system and damaging the laser. There are no such issues when using fibre lasers.

It Is Very Efficient

As stated earlier, laser engraving is a beneficial process. It can be switched easily between a range of depths and materials, providing the users with several end-results. It is also very efficient in terms of maintenance costs and service life, which is typically much lower than those provided by the traditional means. Some of the more innovative and modern laser systems are capable of completing more than one procedure. For example, engraving bears many comparisons to marking that leave a mark at the surface instead of an engraving. In most instances, some of the parts will have both markings and engravings on them, and one engraving setup will complete the two methods efficiently.

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