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What You Should Do When You Find out You Are Stalked

Research shows that 14 out of 1000 persons are the victims of stalking. In this regard, only 3 out of 4 have information on who stalk them. When you are being stalked it is not a simple thing to handle or even if it is your friend or relative as it will affect your feelings as well. You will be able to know someone is stalking you when you identify funny looks from that person or even hear something frightening in the news as that will make it possible for you to develop some fear. However, it is important to know how to find out when you are being stalked.

You will know that you are being stalked when you begin getting some notes and mysterious text messages that you don’t know the sender. You will be the victim of stalking when you find out that someone is following you from social media, bump into that particular person in public places, even receiving gifts from your emails will help you on how to know that you are stalked. In most cases, the stalker that keeps stalking you is a person that you know, and you might have an intimate relationship with that person.

Some stalkers tend to use other people to stalk you where they will follow you all through, and some are stationed at your house so that they can spy there. Thus, it is essential to be alert, and in this case, you should know how to tell when you are being spied since some use hidden cameras.

If it happens that you have noticed that you are stalked it is important that you don’t panic and ensure you are gathering some courage to face the situation. When you panic you will give a chance to your stalker, and that will take over the situation and winning you will be easy, and when the time comes for taking control it will be difficult.

You will make sure that you are defending yourself. Since it is important to defend yourself for security reasons hence you need to change all your doors and windows locks and also refrain from using social media to share your information. When it comes on how to defend yourself, you will have to inform those people that you value and trust such as a friend, employer, and neighbor so that they can help you in defending you.

It is also essential to gather evidence and confront your stalker. It is crucial that you re[ort the matter to the police so that they can help you as well you need a private investigator so that evidence can be gathered for your case.

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