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Why Self-Ligating Braces are Better than Old Braces

Understandably, one of the common questions parents ask orthodontist is about how braces have evolved compared to what they used to have back in the days. Without question, there has been technological advancements in orthodontics as well as new enhancements which has resulted to the emergence of self-ligating braces. This is one of the technological advanced orthodontic treatment available at TDR orthodontics Birmingham braces to make orthodontic treatment stress-free and better for your orthodontic wants. To delve into how the orthodontic procedure, it is best that we first look at how the outmoded braces work. Brackets put on teeth are put on an archwire that is held with ties. The ties serve as a regulator for the tension of the wire. The ties are squeezed to active the wires and initiate tooth movement.

Self-ligating braces do away with the need for ties. They have built-in clips to reinforced the archwires that are shrunk to fit the bracket’s low-profile contour. This lets the archwires move without constraints, ensuring that there is efficient and comfortable tooth movement. You or your child stand to benefit a lot from the self-ligating braces and to know more about them, consider reading this guide.

First and foremost, the self-ligating braces are smaller and less noticeable compared to the traditional braces. Through technological advancements braces are now miniaturized making them less conspicuous and more comfortable wearing. Self-ligating braces are described as an ideal blend between traditional clear braces and invisible aligners. The orthodontic solutions are far better than many others as it is more invisible which saves you from awkwardness of wearing the old metal braces and brackets which affects one’s self-esteem.

A key disadvantage with the traditional braces is hindrance in keeping proper dental hygiene because the bands or wires facilitate the buildup of plaque and bacteria which are hard to get to when cleaning. Improper dental hygiene encourages various adverse dental health complications including cavity. The self-ligating braces have no metal wires that will trap food particles and cavity-inducing bacteria guaranteeing that cleaning of teeth is much more effective and easier.

Furthermore, if you desire faster results then pick self-ligating braces as they stimulate better tooth movement. Self-ligating braces minimizing friction when sliding on archwires which catalyze the orthodontic treatment process. This means that the procedure will take much shorter. Within a short period, you fix a crooked smile and improve on your self-esteem.

Last but not least, self-ligating braces are more convenient than traditional braces. The self-ligating braces don’t need a lot of adjustments than the outmoded metal braces, meaning that visits to your orthodontist are few. Not only do the braces save time appointments but also save on cost because you don’t have to struggle with numerous visits.

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