Prepare Properly: What to Know About Getting a Facelift

A facelift can become an experience that allows people to feel as if they have turned back the clock. Modern facelifts provide more results with fewer risks than ever before. Despite the improvements, it is possible for people to feel disappointed or experience side effects. The risk of these concerns drops when patients research the procedure and understand the process and its limitations.

Allow Some Time

Patients do not walk out of the hospital with a nightclub-ready appearance. In fact, most will leave with the help of a loved one. Patients typically feel groggy from the anesthesia and will have some tingling or discomfort. Experts recommend a healing period of at least two weeks before a big reveal to friends and family. Until then most patients still have some swelling, bruises and visible scars.

Take it Easy

Some patient return to work or their other routines within a day or two despite the orders of their doctor. Of all the details of what to know about getting a facelift, why rest matters may be the most important. The order from the doctor to avoid any strenuous activity for a couple of weeks is not only about discomfort. Rest makes it easier to heal. Too much activity can strain the stitches and cause the incision to bleed and take longer to heal.

Expect Muffled Hearing

People often discover they cannot hear as clearly the first few days after surgery. The muffled sounds occur because of swelling near the ear and possibly drainage into the ear canal. The ability to hear normally returns as the swelling subsides. Talk to a doctor about impaired hearing or a sensation of fullness in the ear canal that lasts more than a week or two. The ear canal may have some blockage from the drained fluid that the doctor will need to remove.

The surgeon is always the best resource for information about the entire surgical process and what to expect through every stage of recovery. Talk to the doctor, ask questions, and read all the information they provide. Follow the instructions of the clinic before and after the procedure for a problem-free and successful result.

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