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What You Need to Know About Fascial Stretch Therapy

fascial stretch therapy is a form of a therapy that involves improving the mobility of the body nerves and also making the muscles more flexible. This therapy also focusses on the fascial lines that connect and wrap the body nerves, muscles and organs of the body. It is important to understand that fascial stretch therapy is not limited based on age or gender all people can benefit from it. Also, those patients that are fully cleared from stretching and active movements from there primary care doctors can benefit from fascial stretch therapy. It is good to understand that fascial stretch therapy is applied to both the fascia and the muscles of the body.

The main work of fascia is to surround the body muscles and connect them deeply. They play a significant role in connecting both the bones, tendons, and ligaments so that they can create a network that is functional in the body. Note that carrying out fascial stretch therapy on the fascia will help people to reap twice the benefits because both the fascia and muscles are connected and both will benefit from stretching. Research has shown that a significant number of people make a mistake by confusing yoga and fascial stretch therapy. Note that they are different because unlike yoga fascial stretch therapy is a form of therapy that is compatible with other therapies and training. Many studies have been conducted to determine whether fascial stretch therapy is science-based or not.

You need to know that during your first treatment the fascial stretch therapist that will be attending to you will ask you relevant questions that are related to your body and health. Also, he or she may go to the extent of assessing your body based on the questions that you may have and also complaints regarding specific body parts. You need to know that any kind of treatment that you will be provided with will be according to your specific needs and wants to enhance customer satisfaction. The table that is used when providing treatment should have two straps to make sure all processes that need to take time are not interrupted. These straps are used purposely to hold and maintain one leg in place and to keep the other leg that is opposing in a motion. When all these things take place then both the patient and the therapist providing the services are assured that a good stretch is taking place.

Note that those attending fascial stretch therapy sessions should be prepared with fully stretch shorts or pants and tank shorts or shirts because those are the type of clothes they are required to wear. Note that normal shorts are not allowed during the sessions of fascial stretch therapy. After attending your first session for this therapy your mobility is expected to get improved unless if not provided accordingly. After the session, the fascial stretch therapist attending to you will give specific exercises that you ought to do to maintain your mobility. To get better results people are advised to attend more than one session fascial stretch therapy.

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