Important Considerations Before Having Professional Teeth Whitening Performed

With today’s digital cameras and smartphones, people are taking more pictures than ever and having their picture taken quite often as well. Often, these are close-up shots that make the person realize that his or her smile is not what it could be. For instance, perhaps the teeth have become discolored over time due to daily coffee drinking or tobacco smoking. Setting an appointment with one of the cosmetic dentists in Boston is a step toward brightening that smile.

Professional Dental Cleaning and Exam

Before any cosmetic work, including whitening, can be done, a professional cleaning and dental exam must be completed. Any health issues with the teeth or soft tissues must be resolved first.

The Issue of Smoking

If the patient is a smoker, the patient can expect the dentist to address this behavior. Not only does tobacco smoking stain the teeth a yellow or brown color, it also causes gum disease. A dentist may be willing to provide whitening service to a smoker, but the results will not last nearly as long as they would if this person were to quit the habit.

Continuing to smoke can make the person less photogenic in other ways too. For example, numerous fine lines above the upper lip are common in people who have been smoking for a long time. If this man or woman hasn’t looked closely in the mirror in bright light for a while, a close-up photo may highlight these lines and be distressing to view.

Other Staining Substances

Other substances gradually stain teeth, but none as profoundly as tobacco smoking and chewing does. The patient may want to try cutting back on coffee, black tea, dark soft drinks and red wine if any of those are consumed frequently.

A More Natural Smile

Once the problems with the teeth are resolved and the person is happy with the rejuvenated smile, this man or woman can do a little research on how to smile naturally for the camera. Many people feel they are not photogenic, but the problem often is simply with the facial expression. They don’t relax and look natural, which can detract from their attractiveness on digital film.

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