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Importance of Consuming Food Grown in Your Garden
In the modern society today, the demand for food items sold in the shops and supermarkets has been increasing because more people are opting to buy instead of cultivating a garden around the home where such foods can be planted for domestic consumption. However, it is important to note that growing you food at home is a better decision to make compared to buying because it has a number of health benefits which will be discussed in detail to open your mind. The following are some reasons why growing your food is important to your body.
First, the food you grow and harvest from your garden before feeding your family is more nutritious compared to what you buy from the stores because the food stores are run by individuals who are out to make profits and they will sell crops with high yields and low nutritional advantages. The problem with commercial foods is that they are grown in selected stretches of land that are reused several times to the extent where they lose a lot of minerals which would have been available as in the case of plants that you grow within your garden at home.
Secondly, crops that you grow in your garden and harvest are fresh and with natural flavor compared to those which are harvested and preserved for long hours within the food store because you can only pick what you need from the garden at the moment when you want to eat. When you look at the fruits and vegetables available at stores, you will realize that they have been preserved under low temperatures to maintain their freshness, but they will not have the original freshness that you desire.
Thirdly, having a garden in your home where you have planted some fruit trees and vegetables will compel you to exercise healthy living because you will have the opportunity to consume more fruits and green vegetables that provide more vitamins to your body organs. The fact that you have a garden a few meters from your house means that you can access it and pick whatever you want to eat as opposed to spending money and time going to the stores to get such fruits and vegetables that can grow.
Lastly, growing your fruits and vegetables at home means that you protect yourself and your family from the danger of consuming foods that have been preserved using chemicals which might have long-term effects on you and your family’s health. The process of regularly digging the soil in your farm to remove weeds and kill moles can be one that makes you sweat and exercise while at it.

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