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The Iconic Places to Visit in Paris

After you book flights and make arrangements, you finally begin your journey to Paris, your ultimate dream destination. Paris is among the best travel destinations since it offers much to be seen and done. If your time is limited, you would like to explore the most famous and attractive sites. If your knowledge about the best places in Paris is limited, read this page for more info.

The first site is Eiffel Tower. When visiting Paris, make sure you take a glimpse at the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel built the tower and its height is 324m. It appeals to 7 million visitors every year. You should take the lift up to the tower to view the entire city. Nevertheless the tower itself is listed among the best views.

The second site is the Louvre Museum. Located at the core of the city, Louvre is among the museums that are widely visited in the world. The lavish luxuriant museum is home to a variety of foreign paintings and art such as Egyptian antiquities, Greek and Roman arts, medieval sculptures, and more. Even though you are among those who do not like going to museums, avoid missing Louvre as you will notice arts aligning with your taste. In addition, take the typical tourist photograph outside the museum appearing as if you are touching the extreme end of the Louvre triangular form.

The third site is Notre Dame Cathedral. Not long ago, Paris faced a major disaster when an intensive fire covered Notre Dame Cathedral. It started to be constructed in 1163 and was completed in 1345. The cathedral is considered one of the showy examples of French Gothic architecture. There are efforts towards rebuilding the building. You should visit the site in order to support these efforts.

Arc De Triumph is the fourth destination. It was built in the nineteenth century, is the greatest monument of its type in the world and it is pleasing to the eyes. Go to the top to enjoy some of the most outstanding panoramic views of Paris. You will see the outstanding frame of the Eiffel Tower, peeping across the landscape. The photos you take at this destination are Insta-worthy.

The fifth destination is the Seine. The Seine River winds through the heart of Paris and is among the most vital Paris points of interest. The length of the Seine is 777km and it is the chief source of Paris water. Take a cruise along the river to experience the atmosphere of Paris. You should take a sunset cruise the time the main monuments lift up. Or, take a dinner cruise so as to enjoy a French feast.

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