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How to Install an Attic Fan

It often becomes hooter in some parts of the year. These conditions may require one to install an attic fan. A lot of cooling to the homes is brought about by the attic fans. Usually homeowners may call for specialists to install the attic fan for them. Too much money can be spent in hiring the professionals as some ways may be a little cheaper. Sometimes it may be possible to mount the fans without any help. This may save you the money that you may have sent in hiring such people. Reading below you will get some of the tips to fuse in mounting the fans.

There is always the need to inspect your vent before installing a fan. This involves measuring the temperature on a hot day. You can do this to look at the vents. You need to decide on one type of fan that you may want to have. The attic fans can be found in two types. The types include the roof fans and gable fans.

The first step to installing an attic fan is to measure. A consideration of the size of the fan is necessary for the installation. After you have done the measurements you have to do the calculations. The cubic feet of air that is moved out per minute help in the measurement of the fans. The square footage of the attic should be known to help you know the size of the fan that you need. 0.7 is used to multiply the answer that is received after squaring. You will get from the multiplication the CFM of the fan.

The second way to install an attic fan is to remove the old shutter. You need to take away any vent that is smaller than the fan. You then have to place the new fan over the hole of the older vent. Measurements are needed in this case. The cuttings that you make should not vary very much with the size of the new fan. The cuttings should enable the fan to fit very well in the hole. You should try and minimize the occurrence of vent framing any time you are cutting.

Lastly, you will have to mount the fan. Here there should be a piece of plywood that should be used in the mounting. You need to fix the plywood on the framing that surround the whole. To place the whole directly above that which is made by the vent, you will have to fix the plywood on the walls. The cuts may be made very easily by using a jigsaw. The fan can be made safer by using screws. The fan should be placed the right side up.

In conclusion, the attic fan is very easy to install, and you may not need help from professionals to mount it.

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