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Tips For Promoting Your Event

Being an event is never easy as you must come up with creative ways of promoting your business to attract a lot of people to your event. This article highlights some of the considerations that event planners need to make to promote their event in different platforms and attract a lot of people to the event. Your event should be promoted in the right social media platforms. You need to use the right strategy to market your event in social media platforms for you to attract a lot of people to your event. Concentrate on uploading pictures and videos with promotional messages about your event since these appeal to a lot of social media followers. A lot of people prefer to watch short videos as compared to reading lengthy promotional messages. You should give your attendees a number of opportunities to take and share their photos to help widen your events to a larger group. Have hash-tag specific for your event which other people planning to attend can share in Facebook and Instagram.

Make use of FOMO (Fear of missing out) which is a an influential event marketing tool to promote your event. A lot of social media users fear feeling left out as other people share fun moments from the events. Consider hiring a prime influencer to appeal to your audience that they need to be at the event. Your speakers sponsors and service providers should also be aggressive in promoting your event in social media. The success of your event will be of gain to many people including those that you hire to offer various services and that means a lot of them will be aggressive in promoting your event. Ensure that there is maximum participation from attendees where they can take part in games and contexts that you organize. Creating games and contests are one way of keeping the audience excited before the main event. Provide your target audience with a valid and valuable reason to share and discuss your event online. You can achieve this by offering discount or free tickets to those that share your event online.

Keep posting frequently throughout the year even when you have no event you are anticipating. Ensure you interact with your followers even when not planning an event to ensure that when you have an upcoming event, you already have an established relationship that makes promoting your event easier.Inform those that have attended your events before by sending them e-mails since they already know the standard of events. Have a landing page where those planning to attend the event can check for more details about the event and purchase tickets. The landing page should be easy to access by use of mobile phones for people to access it once the link is shared.

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