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Different Gifts for Different Anniversaries.

In matters to do with marriages, you ought to be a commitment to each other to go through the ups and downs together and you deserve to celebrate whenever you make it through. There are specific jewelry you can get your partner when you complete another year together. You will find suggestions for some of the best jewelry to get your partner if you have been together for 10 years. The first anniversary should be celebrated with gold jewelry. This is usually the most sentimental year. It is often referred to as the honeymoon phase.

However, the start of a marriage comes with a lot of changes and you may not have a lot of money. For this reason, you do not want to be doing anything crazy financially. Therefore, getting gold jewelry makes for a great present. A simple gold bracelet or necklace will be good for her. The gold piece can have charms for the various milestones. For him you can choose gold cuff links, ring or a necklace. It will also be okay to pick something else that comes with gold accents.

Garnet is great for the 2nd anniversary. It has several colors. It can be yellow, green or even pink. However, it is also found in red color. What you should remember though is that it can be a hard stone to find. This means it will mean a lot of to your significant other if it is the one you pick for your second anniversary. It is resourceful for all kinds of jewelry pieces. This stone can be added to a pendant, a ring or even earrings. It looks great when it is on a platinum or white gold setting. You are at liberty to make your own gemstone ring.

Choose pearls for the third anniversary. They can be natural or cultured. Natural pearls will cost more than the cultured ones but you can’t even tell the difference between the two at a glance. Both come from oysters or mussels. Natural pearls need no assistance when it comes to turning pearly but the cultured pearls are farmed. However, you will have to decide about the kind of pearls to pick. They come in a wide range of colors which means you will definitely find a color that you will love.

Pearls can be on a matched string, a pendant, a ring, earring or necklace. Pearls are known to be fragile though. Therefore, when you choose a ring it should be worn during the less active days. For men, having jewelry that has mother-of-pearl inlaid will be perfect.

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